Secure Payment Systems Announces Partnership with National Aamco Dealers Association

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For Immediate Release:
Date: November 28, 2012
Place: San Diego, California
Contact: Steve Eazell - Director National Sales and Marketing
Phone: 1-866-300-3376
Fax: 1-707-836-1979

Secure Payment Systems Announces Partnership with National Aamco Dealers Association

SPS and NADA to Make Payday "Express Plus" Available to All Members

San Diego based Secure Payment Systems ("SPS") is pleased to announce that it has signed a national marketing agreement with the National Aamco Dealers Association ("NADA") for the distribution and use of SPS' proprietary Payday Express Plus "Advance Funding" services.

While SPS has over 80 participating NADA dealers throughout the U.S. using the SPS service this new marketing agreement will pave the way to quickly introduce the service to the balance of the 600+ dealers not already taking advantage of the advance funding and term-based financing options SPS provides and for which SPS is the only such provider in the U.S. when comparing such against all other check authorization/guarantee entities.

Under the terms of the agreement and endorsement SPS will offer customized and uniform pricing parameters to NADA member dealers throughout the SPS national independent sales force under which NADA member dealers can reliably offer qualified customers a term-based financing arrangement and be guaranteed against risk of loss while simultaneously being paid in full upfront.

Steve Eazell, Secure Payment Systems National Director of Sales & Marketing, commented, "We are extremely pleased and proud to work with such a nationally recognized and well run organization".

"NADA prides itself in offering its members solutions that will effectively create the highest customer satisfaction overall", commented Mike Ganjei, President of the National AAMCO Dealers Association. "We are pleased to say that SPS fits that niche and are happy to be working with them as a preferred partner."

About National Aamco Dealers Association

Since its inception, the core strength of the National AAMCO Dealers Association has been its members. For more than 45 years, dealers have supported the mission of NADA as the dealer body representative with respect to promoting and protecting the interests of the chain on franchise relationship issues. Our commitment to the betterment of the dealer body started when the chain was in its infancy and continues on today. Along the way, NADA has been responsible for establishing strategic relationships with select vendors to provide services and products to NADA members with features and pricing not available to the individual dealer.



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