Secure Payment Systems Announces Unique Enhancements

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For Immediate Release:
Date: February 6, 2009
Place: San Diego, California
Contact:  Steve Eazell - Director National Sales and Marketing
Phone: 1-866-300-3376
Fax: 1-707-836-1979

Secure Payment Systems Announces Unique Enhancements

SPS Automates & Adds Advance Funding to '90 Days Same as Cash' Options

Secure Payment Systems, a national leader of value added payment services and transaction processing is pleased to announce two exciting new enhancements to its popular '90 Days Same as Cash' PayDay products. The traditional Payday produce allows consumers to write up to 4 checks for a single retail business transaction, each check payable in deferred 30 day increments. Since concluding testing and initiating sales meetings in mid December 2008 we are pleased to announce the following new options:

PayDay Express

No longer will merchants need to manually deposit "deferred" paper checks in 30 day increments or submit claims. Merchants will now have their deposits electronically settled and consumers automatically debited in 0, 30, 60 and 90 day increments.

PayDay Express Plus

Identical to the Express version of our PayDay product but with a unique twist, we will be settling the entirety of the merchant's funds electronically and upfront (Advance Funding), before SPS debits customers on their 90 day schedule.

"We are pleased to be bringing these products to market," commented Steve Eazell, National Sales and Marketing Director. Steve added, "We realize that the electronic version of our PayDay product was much anticipated, but with an unprecedented Advance Funding option now also available, this is a big win for us."



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