Secure Payment Systems (SPS) Partners with Wyland enhancing the Galleries' Gift Cards and Check Conversion Systems

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For Immediate Release:

Date: August 30, 2002
Place: San Diego, California
Contact: Steve Eazell-Director National Sales and Marketing
Phone: 1-866-300-3376
Fax: 1-707-836-1979

Wyland Galleries Chooses SPS

Secure Payment Systems (SPS) Partners with Wyland enhancing the Galleries’ Gift Cards and Check Conversion Systems

Secure Payment Systems, Inc. (SPS), the nation’s only provider of both electronic check conversion and gift card services, is pleased to announce that they have signed an agreement with the world renowned Wyland Galleries to provide a broad range of services including the introduction and processing of a series of Wyland stored value gift cards whose designs are based on Wyland originals. The Wyland Galleries are additionally implementing SPS proprietary methods and point-of-purchase electronic check imaging systems to expedite front-end processing and facilitate expanding customer payment preferences.

Though designed primarily with offering the customer the option of an electronic gift certificate, it is anticipated that the Wyland Gift Cards may be viewed as potential collectors items given their designs are created based on fine art originals. “We are honored that Wyland has selected SPS to provide services to the Wyland galleries, employees, and customers, commented SPS President and CEO, Lin Fellerman. “We strongly believe that our value offerings at SPS will generate a strong long term relationship with Wyland and his company.”

Wyland chose SPS for its integrated gift card and check conversion capabilities. “SPS brings us exactly the combination of services we need for our galleries and our customers.” quotes Wyland, “We are happy to offer a gift card that will reflect our commitment to quality and convenience to our clientele.”

About Wyland

Wyland, the world's premier ocean artist, has been a pioneer in the marine art movement since 1971. This painter, sculptor, and muralist is one of the most prolific and celebrated artists of our time, perhaps of all time. To date, in addition to his spectacular paintings of a wide variety of marine life, Wyland has completed more than 89 of his landmark murals, the renowned Whaling Walls, throughout the United States as well as Canada, Japan, Australia, Mexico, France and New Zealand. It is estimated that more than one billion people are exposed to Wyland's art each year. He has approximately 125,000 collectors of his work in over thirty countries, and perhaps more than any other artist, he has raised the planet's environmental consciousness with regard to the oceans and their inhabitants. For more information go to



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