SPS Completes Acquisition of EZCheck

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For Immediate Release:
Date: June 1, 2017
Place: Las Vegas, NV
Contact: Linden Fellerman - President / CEO
Phone: 702.701.8433
Email: lfellerman@securepaymentsystems.com

Secure Payment Systems Completes Acquisition of EZCheck

Secure Payment Systems (“SPS”) today announced the acquisition of Houston-based EZCheck LLC. a leading national provider of electronic check approval, check conversion, and ACH processing services.

SPS processes over 1 million ACH transactions per month using multiple ODFI Bank partners, guarantees risk on over $100 million per year of electronic check payments, and operates a closed-loop private label gift card processing platform for thousands of retail locations running millions of gift and rewards card transactions per year.  SPS additionally provides retail merchants nationwide with a retail installment financing software platform whose risk is underwritten by SPS and whose customer receivable is purchased by SPS at a discount to maximize client sales while creating an immediate funding opportunity for the subscribing retail entity.

SPS was selected by EZCheck one year ago to replace Intuit as the sole back-end ACH processing and electronic check approval engine for EZCheck.  Since that time SPS has processed more than 750,000 transactions for EZCheck clients with 99.999% uptime. EZCheck merchants and sales agents will quickly recognize and be able to take advantage of the value-add that comes with the consolidation of resources, technology, products, and services that is the result of SPS acquiring the client portfolio it already processes for. 

Linden (Lin) Fellerman, 40 year payment services veteran and Founder/CEO of SPS remarked, “We are excited about consolidating the Sales, Support, and Operational resource pool of SPS and EZCheck to gain faster traction with EZCheck sales agents and clients, expecting to contact all existing clients and agents as quickly as possible with the additional suite of service offerings SPS brings to bear so as to maximize client income and accelerate growth of the combined entity”.

About Secure Payment Systems

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Las Vegas, NV Secure Payment Systems ("SPS") provides fully redundant payment processing solutions to over 10,000 retail, lending, wholesale, and corporate endpoints across North America. SPS facilitates the transfer of value by providing businesses with a full range of transaction processing, reporting, and risk management tools so they may quickly and confidently accept payments, pay vendors, or transfer funds at the POS or on the WEB. These solutions include underwriting and guaranteeing eCheck transaction risk, deferred payment programs allowing consumers to stretch retail purchases up to 18 months, automated origination of recurring & one-time ACH debits and credits, electronic remote check imaging & deposit, gift & loyalty card processing, as well as internal and external third party database verification access for a complete POS risk management solution.



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