SPS Introduces Web-based, Patent Pending Check 21 Process

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Date: February 1, 2007
Place: San Diego, California
Contact: Steve Eazell-Director National Sales and Marketing
Phone: 1-866-300-3376
Fax: 1-707-836-1979
Email: seazell@securepaymentsystems.com
Web: www.securepaymentsystems.com

Secure Payment Systems Releases Check 21 Offering

SPS Introduces Web-based, Patent Pending Check 21 Process

(San Diego, CA) Secure Payment Systems (SPS), a national leader of value added payment services and transaction processing is proud to announce the introduction of its new Check21/ARC solution branded as "expresscheck21SM".

A hybrid, "patent pending" web-based platform that processes and deposits all types of paper items including business checks into electronic transactions (Image Replacement Documents known as "IRD") or substitute checks, all through a single point of entry system, expresscheck21SM is designed for clients that want to process both consumer and commercial checks without leaving their business location. Using a high speed, multiple check scanner, or a simple, single pass check imager, the checks are processed in the back-office where they are scanned and electronically deposited eliminating time consuming bank visits, saving on multiple register scanners, and bank charges. The choice to clear the funds either by image transfer or ACH based on the type of check presented and cost involved makes this a sophisticated offering.

"We have listened to our clients and sales agents and embraced the future of check presentment with a truly outstanding product offering," commented Nadeem Ahmed, recently hired Sr. Product Manager of Secure Payment Systems. Steve Eazell, National Director of Sales & Marketing added, "We look forward to providing clients the ability to save time, money and effort with a simple, easy-to-use Web-based interface."

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Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Las Vegas, NV Secure Payment Systems ("SPS") provides fully redundant payment processing solutions to over 10,000 retail, lending, wholesale, and corporate endpoints across North America. SPS facilitates the transfer of value by providing businesses with a full range of transaction processing, reporting, and risk management tools so they may quickly and confidently accept payments, pay vendors, or transfer funds at the POS or on the WEB. These solutions include underwriting and guaranteeing eCheck transaction risk, deferred payment programs allowing consumers to stretch retail purchases up to 18 months, automated origination of recurring & one-time ACH debits and credits, electronic remote check imaging & deposit, gift & loyalty card processing, as well as internal and external third party database verification access for a complete POS risk management solution.

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