SPS Launches Casino Check Cashing Solutions

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For Immediate Release:
Date: May 25, 2017
Place: Las Vegas, NV
Contact: Linden Fellerman - President / CEO
Phone: 702.701.8433
Email: lfellerman@securepaymentsystems.com

Secure Payment Systems Launches Casino Check Cashing Solutions

Secure Payment Systems ("SPS") today announced the launch of personal and payroll check cashing services at the Spirit Lake Resort and Casino in St. Michael, North Dakota. The service is being provided in partnership with Multi-Choice Cash ("MCC") a division of ATM Merchant Systems, a privately held company located in Las Vegas, NV, with over 17 years of providing cash access, ATM and kiosk solutions to thousands of commercial and gaming clients nationwide.


MCC provides a turn-key hardware and software platform (as well as integration to SPS for risk management decisions and ACH and Check21 image origination) enabling customers to cash payroll checks as well as enroll in an "eCheck" program that creates an on-demand line of credit that accesses their personal checking accounts. Once enrolled, the customer simply presents their photo ID to obtain the cash they desire, for which an electronic ACH debit is originated to their checking account.

With the MCC / SPS technical integration now complete and the product proving to provide a substantial value add to Spirit Lake, MCC will begin introducing the integrated SPS solution to their significant portfolio of gaming properties.

SPS underwrites and guarantees both MCC cash advance products by leveraging numerous real-time databases to access risk and confirm account status to confidently approve and settle the transactions to MCC and the gaming property.

Linden (Lin) Fellerman, 40-year payment services veteran and Founder/CEO of SPS remarked, "We are excited about partnering with MCC to expand our product solutions in the gaming industry. Our long-standing support of check cashing and settlement products in the payday lending space have provided SPS with the tools and expertise to guarantee consumers cash access in the gaming market. We strongly expect our casino partners to fully embrace these solutions which not only provide a value-added service for their patrons, but also increase "cash on the floor" to maximize revenue opportunities".

About Secure Payment Systems

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Las Vegas, NV Secure Payment Systems ("SPS") provides fully redundant payment processing solutions to over 10,000 retail, lending, wholesale, and corporate endpoints across North America. SPS facilitates the transfer of value by providing businesses with a full range of transaction processing, reporting, and risk management tools so they may quickly and confidently accept payments, pay vendors, or transfer funds at the POS or on the WEB. These solutions include underwriting and guaranteeing eCheck transaction risk, deferred payment programs allowing consumers to stretch retail purchases up to 18 months, automated origination of recurring & one-time ACH debits and credits, electronic remote check imaging & deposit, gift & loyalty card processing, as well as internal and external third party database verification access for a complete POS risk management solution.



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