SPS Releases Enhanced Version of Web based ACH Platform - achXPRESSTM

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Date: February 1, 2007
Place: San Diego, California
Contact:  Steve Eazell-Director National Sales and Marketing
Phone: 1-866-300-3376
Fax: 1-707-836-1979
Email: seazell@securepaymentsystems.com
Web: www.securepaymentsystems.com

Secure Payment Systems Puts New Spin on Web Product

SPS Releases Enhanced Version of Web based ACH Platform - achXPRESS

(San Diego, CA) Secure Payment Systems (SPS), a national leader of value added payment services and transaction processing is pleased to announce that it has enhanced its existing web-based recurring debit platform and renamed it "achXPRESS" in recognition of its advanced capabilities.

achXPRESS is SPS robust, web based payment processing solution designed to manage cash flow, and collections and payments in a faster, easier, more reliable, and cost efficient manner. achXPRESS allows small and mid-sized businesses to operate more securely and proficiently by optimizing the collection of single and recurring payments electronically from their customers. achXPRESS also provides state-of-the-art electronic payment recovery solutions (RCK or check re-presentment) for returned checks due to non-sufficient funds.

Some unique features and functionalities of the new system include:

  1. Attractive & easy to navigate user interface
  2. Comprehensive online manual
  3. Ability to schedule "one-time or recurring credits"
  4. Incredible 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

"We are extremely proud and pleased with the overall functionality and capable nature of this product and a soft release of this product has already drawn rave reviews from our existing ISO base," commented Nadeem Ahmed, recently hired Sr. Product Manager for Secure Payment Systems. Steve Eazell, Director of National Sales & Marketing added, "We are confident that this product brings exactly what the expanding marketplace is looking for, especially as this system accommodates both debits and credits. Electronic payments to clients, consumers, or sales agents can be easily scheduled and controlled via a secure, password controlled Web-server based environment."



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