Why achXPRESS?

achXPRESS is our web-based ACH processing tool designed for small and medium-sized businesses and supports preauthorized ACH payments for bill payment, payments on your website, or even payments over the phone!  It allows merchants to reliably manage their cash flow, collections, and payments in a fast, easy, and cost-efficient manner.

How It Works?

By leveraging the Automated Clearing House (“ACH”) process, you can process check payments electronically 24x7x365.  The process converts a consumer's checking or savings account information to an electronic payment with your funds being deposited into your business' bank account in as little as three business days. This eliminates trip to the bank and eliminates check handling and returned items fees. Best of all it increases customer retention as payments are generated automatically without any consumer interaction.

Flexible Virtual Terminal

achXPRESS uses a flexible “Virtual Terminal” that can support a simple check/ACH verification, one-time or recurring payments and is linked to the SPS real-time online reporting. There is no software to download and can be supported on any PC.

achXPRESS Features

There are many features which make achXPRESS a simple product to implement and use for your single and recurring payments. These include:

  • Fast, easy, & secure web-based platform requiring no hardware or software requirements
  • 24/7/365 online access & transaction management
  • Processes both debit & credit one-time or recurring ACH transactions
  • Items that returned unpaid by the payee’s bank are automatically represented to generate automated collections
  • Merchant controls both frequency & timing of payments with over 10 payment scheduling options (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Four highly customizable & exportable online reports
  • Tracks customer issues & supports multiple locations and provides tiered level access for multiple users

The achXPRESS Process

achXPRESS Process

Check Conversion

SPS supports over 1,000 Grocery stores and Convenience Stores for Electronic Check Conversion.

What is the best risk management solution for your business? 
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  • Online risk versus customer present.
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