Early Warning Services

For over 25 years, Early Warning (EWS) has been a leader in technology that helps protect and advance the financial system. They serve a diverse network of approximately 2,500 financial institutions, government entities and payment companies. Their product solutions enable real-time funds availability for a variety of payment types through thier payments network.

EWS provides a single database source of real-time bank data from its network of member banks.  The Payment Chek product can verify that a bank account is open and in good standing and if it accepts ACH payments.  Payment Chek can also identify accounts that are closed or frozen.

In addition to mitigating payment fraud for commercial businesses, Early Warning is also helping tax agencies to confirm taxpayer identities and deposit account information do, in fact, match before tax refunds are paid out. The service, known as Account Owner Authentication (AOA) for Government, is powered by the National Shared Database Resource, the industry’s most current and accurate cross-bank resource.