EZPAY Advantage® For Dentists and Veterinarians


EZPAY Advantage® for Dental and Veterinarian Practices

What is the EZPAY Advantage®?

Does you practice have issues turning away patients at the time of service due to their inability to pay small procedure costs or deductibles?  EZPAY Advantage® for Dental and Veterinarian Practices can help.
EZPAY Advantage® is a deferred payment program offered by Secure Payment Systems ("SPS") that allows patients to finance healthcare payments  over 3, 6, or 12 months utilizing their bank issued debit card.  
Dental and Veterinarian practices can now confidentially accept patients who in the past may have not been able to afford a procedure using EZPAY Advantage®. SPS assumes all payment liability, there is no recourse for the practice, and the balance is funded in three business days significantly increasing cash flow.
EZPAY Advantage®  is a financing program that allows patients and care providers, even those with less than perfect credit, to pay for pre-procedure charges over time. The application can be completed in a matter of minutes using a secure and confidential web application.
With EZPAY Advantage®, practices can now accommodate patients who struggle with these charges and do not qualify for traditional financing programs.
Why EZPAY Advantage®?
93% of providers said offering Patient Financing had a positive impact on their practice
Dental and veterinarian practices have long offered patient financing in their payment options, especially for those who do not have insurance.   But the challenge has been low approval rates from the financing providers who typically only consider high credit individuals.  This creates low approval rates, patient dissatisfaction due to declines, and uncomfortable situations for your office staff when services can't be preformed.
EZPAY Advantage® has an average approval rate of 65.2% but also considers individuals with credit scores as low as 525.  Other providers in the market typically do not even consider credit scores lower than 650.  Using our proprietary risk management system, EZPAY Advantage® approvals can significantly exceed those of other financing option.
How Does It Work?

Using a simple and real-time application via a web enabled devices such as a laptop, tablet, or mobile device, the patient completes the EZPAY Advantage®.  Basic information such as name and address, date of birth, social security number, and limited employment information is captured and submitted to SPS for underwriting.

SPS electronically reviews and consumer who are approved are presented with multiple payment options that the consumer can choose to match their payment goals.

Once the patient selects which payment option is best for them, they will be presented with an agreement to accept, requested to enter their debit card information that will be used for the scheduled payments, and the transaction is complete.  The patient will be emailed the agreement for their records and SPS then funds the purchase to the businesses bank account.  It’s that simple.
Simplicity for The Practice!
  • Access the application process via any internet connected device
  • Patients need only a bank issued debit card to complete the application 
  • Applications are processed in real time with decisions in seconds
  • No paperwork to complete
  • SPS settles the transaction to the merchant’s account in three business days
  • SPS guarantees and assumes all payment liability for the transaction


Simplicity for The Patient!

  • Supports the widest range of credit scores in the industry
  • Applications can be pre-approved 
  • Multiple payment terms
  • Apply in the practice office or in the comfort of their home
  • Text and email notices provided throughout the application process
Let SPS and EZPAY Advantage® help you increase the number of patients you can serve, increase your cash flow, and increase your patient satisfaction


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