90 Day Interest Free Customer Payment Plan

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90 Day Interest Free Customer Payment Plan

March 1, 2010

Instead of losing a big sale, or if you wish that you could up sell a buying customer into a bigger ticket purchase, SPS has the answer... Plus we make it easy for the customer since we allow them to pay over 90 days !

  • where you get paid in ADVANCE?

  • where the customer pays no interest / finance charges?

It's here.
It's been here!
We offer it!
The only check approval company to do so.

And better yet,

  • it is completely automated, using the point of sale terminal and check imager

    • where the limit is $1,500 in total

    • where the electronic deposit of each check is done in 30 day intervals

    • where you are paid, in full, within 3 business days of the transaction date

So, isn't it time to contact your sales representative, or SPS if you don't know who to call, to join the hundreds of other merchants who have already signed up for this service?

Not all industries are qualified for this unique service but many are!

Call now! 888.313.7842