On-line web-based cardholder registration system

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On-line web-based cardholder registration system

April 14, 2010

On-line web-based cardholder registration system
Loyalty Cards have really begun to take off within the world of retail. The gift card explosion of the last 5 years is finally moving into the world of loyalty / rewards cards! Due to this we have expanded the capabilities of loyalty cards by offering new registration features for both merchants and card holders. We know that these new features will create greater opportunities to leverage the growing popularity of offering rewards cards to your customers and generate greater profits for you!

Card holders can now go online to our website and register their loyalty cards
All they have to do is provide the required demographic information such as their name, address, email, phone number, etc.

Why should the card holder provide this information?
Because it protects them against losing their loyalty card and their rewards balances / accumulated history. By registering, which requires them to log in and create a password, they will be able to report a lost or stolen card so we can "move" the current balances onto a new card! Moreover, they will be able to view their own transaction history and rewards accumulation at that given merchant.

Should you incent the card holder to take the time to go "on-line" to register the card?
Some will want to, some already do, and some don't think it is necessary since the consumer is being protected against a lost card. If you desire to give instant points for a "valid" registration then that will be at your discretion, but our system can certainly handle it on a merchant by merchant basis.

Can you register the card on behalf of the card holder?
Absolutely, however you must have a procedure in place to internally log that customer specific data and then go to our website later on to enter the data for the consumer. If you intend to let the consumer know the password via a subsequent email communication then you can even create unique passwords.

Can you see personal card holder data?
Absolutely, plus the following as well:

  • Card Holder List that includes all the card holders (active and inactive) as well as personal data (can sort by a registration date range, last name, birth date, zip code, etc).
  • Card Holder Transaction Summary for all card holders that includes number of purchases, dollar amount of purchases, average per visit, last transaction date, as well as some of the card holder’s personal data (can be selected for a transaction date range, minimum number of purchases and/or minimum amount of purchases).
  • Card Holder Transaction Detail that includes purchases and reward redemptions for a selected date range.
  • Inactive Card Holder List which lists personal data and last transaction date (selection based on dormancy of 30 days, 60 days, 6 months, or one year).

What's Next on the Horizon?
We are in the testing phases of a new merchant oriented Loyalty Marketing System and will likely release this in the next 60 days! Now, you will be able to quantify the power of a loyalty card program!

You will be able to:

  • Create targeted, personalized email marketing promotions!!! You can type your own email text, add your own attachments, target card holders based on a number of variables such as sex (male vs. female), age, active or inactive status as of a selected date, or even a birthday promotion. We automatically send out the emails on the desired date(s)!
  • Track results of email promotions by viewing the transactions of the targeted card holders during the promotion period!!! Now you can cheaply drive customers into your establishments, even a specific location, and quantify the benefit!!!

Where else can you find a merchant driven loyalty marketing system that allows you to take advantage of marketing data without having to call the processor? We will keep you apprised of the pending release date as we get closer to final internal certification.