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Secure Payment Systems (“SPS”) introduced “Enterprise ACH” in 2012, a client configurable Enterprise ACH system that enables users to meet the challenging world of ACH processing. Since 1996, SPS has been a leader in electronic transaction processing, and in 2017 originated over 18.5 million ACH transactions in the U.S. and Canada, the grand total having an aggregate value of more than $19 billion. Single entry and recurring transactions are processed via host to host, virtual terminal, API, secure FTP or secure web interface. Operating dual data centers for fault tolerant processing, SPS integrates its proprietary and redundant Secure Risk Management System (“SRMS”) into its proprietary ACH platform to deliver highly customizable and failsafe processing that includes such features as multiple ODFI relationships, account validation, “waterfall” access to multiple internal and third party positive and negative file databases indexed by bank account, phone number and / or driver license ID, automated returns re-presentment options, weekend processing, plus configurable business rules for new and recurring payments.

The entirety of the solution is supported by a secure, online reporting module updated in real-time with client options for customizable SFTP data export.

The solution is used by large online billers in the telecom, cable, satellite and internet industries. Over 250 US based lenders rely on SPS for account validation and ACH processing while the public sector processed by SPS amounts to over $13 billion annually in online based payments from 34 state governments and agencies.

Enterprise ACH Key Features Include:

Processing Capabilities:
  • Supports PPD, CCD, BOC, ARC, WEB and POP entry codes
  • Processing 7 days a week
  • Multiple Origination windows
  • Configurable Settlement windows
  • Multiple Return windows
  • Redundant ODFIs
  • Support for self-risk Origination (customer’s bank)
  • Real time online reporting
  • Custom reporting with SFTP support
  • Accounting integration for automated reconciliation
  • SOC I and II certified
  • Redundant Data Centers with automatic fail over
  • 99.999% up time for the previous 36 months
Returns Management:
  • R01 and R09 returns optionally can automatically be Re-Presented up to two times
  • Returns “floater” account keeps the merchant whole through the Re-Presentment process
  • Service fee collection (optional)
  • Extensive internal Bank File to manage administrative and fatal returns
Risk Management:
  • Business rules for new payors
  • Business rules for recurring payors
  • Bank account validation to reduce administrative returns
  • Least cost routing
Configurable “Waterfall” concept for external databases:
  • MicroBilt rVd and scored data
  • Advantage ACH payday database (250 lenders)
  • TeleCheck Confidence Score and negative data
  • Early Warning
  • SPS proprietary ACH database with account masking
  • Customizable on a merchant by merchant basis
  • Exceptional transaction speed with separate dual MPLS connections



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