ACH Payments

Advantage of ACH

In 1974, the National Automated Clearing House Association was formed (NACHA) to provide a safe and cost effective method to move money from one bank account to another. Today over 24 Billion payments totally $41.6 Trillion are processed for online bill payments and purchases. Business to Business, Consumer to Business, Government and Payroll Payments make up this cost conscious segment of the payments industry. The Federal Reserve Payment study finds the average ACH transaction is $1410. The cost of processing the average payment via credit card is over $28 versus less than $1.00 for ACH!

ACH payments are versatile and the least cost option for consumers and businesses to pay online for products and services. For example, merchants and service providers can automate recurring payments for subscription services and monthly billing for utilities, services, health clubs, storage facilities, parking or club memberships. Consumer checks presented at the point of sale can be converted to ACH payments, an effective cost savings in grocery and retail. What is an electronic check conversion?


Access to the SPS processing platform can be an integration through the merchant’s management software, a direct integration or through the SPS web based product achXPRESS. Transaction and settlement activity is supported by real-time online reporting making it simple and easy to see the daily deposits to the merchant’s bank account.

Check Conversion

Although declining, physical check based payments still comprise over 14% of all US payments. But managing the risk associated with point of sale check acceptance and the cost of physical deposits can be expensive. SPS can “convert” these checks to an ACH transaction through our automated check conversion process.  Check items are scanned via a POS device and the electronic information is sent to SPS for risk management review, conversion to an electronic payment, and settlement directly to the merchant’s bank account.  SPS can also assume all the risk associated with these transactions, if requested. No more deposits or trips to the bank.  And the process is safe, convenient,  protects consumer’s privacy, and best of all is cost effective.



achXPRESS is our new & improved web-based ACH processing tool designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Check Conversion

SPS supports over 3,000 Grocery stores and Convenience Stores for Electronic Check Conversion.

Question about ACH regulations and compliance? 

The ACH Regional Payment Associations have the answers.