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We Are Advantage Payment Systems
As a wholly owned subsidiary of Secure Payment Systems, Inc., Advantage Payment Systems (“APS”) aka “ADVANTAGE ACH,” has a twenty-five year legacy as a full service third party ACH payment processor focused on the consumer lending industry. With software integrations to over 20 different lender management software (“LMS”) platforms and numerous custom lender integrations for real-time and batch file processing, Advantage ACH prides itself on being a national leader in the field, processing millions of transactions and providing leading edge ACH and data verification services to licensed storefront and online lenders nationwide.

The Advantage ACH Competitive Edge
  • Traditional “Next Day” and “Same Day” ACH processing
  • Easy custom SFTP or API integration 
  • 20+ existing LMS integrations
  • Online or Storefront
  • Late night cut-offs 
  • Online reporting
  • Multiple and redundant ODFI relationships
  • Pre-Note processing
  • Weekend processing
  • Full-Service in-house AAP certified compliance staff

Advantage of ACH for Lenders

ACH payments are versatile and the least cost option for storefront and on-line lender to initiate scheduled and automated recurring payments due for monthly repayments of short term loans. ACH eliminates the need for the consumer to make the payment in person or through the mail and creates known and consistent cash flows for the lenders.  APS facilitates this process by processing the ACH debits and credits entries through our fully redundant settlement platform so Lenders can have confidence their payments will be posted as scheduled.

Advantage Risk Management – “VeriTrac”

APS provides Lenders access to VeriTrac, a comprehensive set of databases and tools to reduce the loan risk associated with the decision of where or not to offer ACH payment terms when initiating a consumer loan. 
VeriTrac data of ACH eligibility comes from several sources. Some accounts will accept ACH deposits, but not debits, which may be due to the account service terms, or due to a severe number of NSF's or other derogatory conditions. The 12 month history for accounts include:
  • Closed Account
  • Payment Stopped or ACH Authorization Revoked
  • Claims of Debits Not Authorized
  • Frozen Account Unpaid Return by the Financial Institution
  • Non-ACH Transaction Account
  • Business Account, Not Eligible or Claims of Debits Not Authorized
  • Claims that the signed authorization was not a signer on the account
Payday loan type stores average “Match” ratio is ½ to 1% of new applicants. Internet lenders average “Match” ratio is 3% to 5% of new applicants & when re-qualifying. For more information on APS system inquiry responses, please click HERE .
VeriTrac tools can be used separately or in conjunction with each other to provide additional levels of interrogation of the loan data. These tools include:
  • Proprietary APS and SPS daily bank return data identifying high risk transactions
  • Direct online access to real-time authentication and verification third party databases:
    • Microbilt – National risk management and credit reporting agency
    • Telecheck- National check authorization and guarantee services
    • Early Warning – Real time bank account status from over 2500 participating US financial institutions
    • Payliance  - National payment processing and collection services
    • EZCheck – SPS’ wholly owned merchant check authorization and guarantee
VeriTrac’s unique feature includes the ability to use a “risk scoring waterfall” to combine or exclude each of  these databases.  This allows each Lender to select the most cost-effective database(s) to reduce loan risk to match their unique environments. VeriTrac can be used in real-time through lender processing systems or a custom integration, in batch mode for files delivered to APS, or manual entry through the client portal on the website.

NACHA Compliant

APS adheres to the Rules and Guidelines established by the National Automated Clearing House Association (“NACHA”).  To ensure compliance APS employs staff with the professional designation of Accredited ACH Professional (“AAP”).  Awarded by NACHA, AAPs demonstrate a commitment to understanding and excelling in electronic payments, with an emphasis on topics related to the ACH Network.

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achXPRESS is our new & improved web-based ACH processing tool designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Are Your Current ACH Limits Sufficient?
For your security, limits are strictly observed.
Over-limit file events incur a $25 handling fee, plus can prevent batch processing. For help with a limits change, call:
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