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Online bill payments remain the fastest growing segment of the payment universe.  Secure Payment Systems ("SPS"), one of the few Nacha certified processors, has focused 25 years of payment processing experience to develop "EZPAYnow"  -  a platform that meets biller’s needs with simple, easy to launch solutions that reduce the cost of accepting payments.  EZPAYnow can help billers automate receiving and settling payments from any internet enabled device consolidating funds into a single daily deposit that streamlines the payment process.  And now with Quickbooks support, EZPAYnow provides a complete and flexible solution.

Both credit card and electronic check (ACH) payment processing are available within EZPAYnow for the convenience of your customer.

EZPAYnow offers four options that billers can access to lower their payment costs of web-based customer payments:

  • Quickbooks Integration - Just a click to access your payment page
  • Branded Secure Payment Page - Your customized payment page
  • Billing File - Merchants sends a billing file to SPS which provides customer a quick and easy lookup of their bill
  • API (Application Programming Interface)  - Code to SPS for real-time transaction processing

Regardless of the option, each solution provides complete payment processing at rates up much lower than competing credit card and ACH rates.  In most cases, SPS payment fees will be below your current processor.

And all of the EZPAYnow  bill payment options provide the following features and benefits:

  • Custom page design with your logos and brand in minutes
  • Configurable data entry fields for custom applications
  • Supports credit cards and electronic check payments (ACH)
  • Online and deliverable custom reports
  • AES 128 encryption for “data at rest”
  • TLS 1.2 protocol and strongest ciphers for “data in transport”
  • Biller avoids the expense and liability of PCI compliance audits
  • Minimizes biller scope for PCI audits
  • Sensitive payment data is not touched or stored by the biller
  • Duel Tier 3 data centers with full redundancy, dual-powered servers, storage, network links and other IT security components.
  • Supports Auto Pay files
  • Next day settlement of funds
  • 24 X 7 customer support



Quickbooks users can now easily take advantage of SPS’ unique position as a leading U.S. payment processor.  Due to our high volume of payment processing, Billers are able to receive funds faster for both credit card and ACH payments and at costs that are well below current Quickbooks processing fees.

All that is required is updating your biller invoice via the Quickbooks administrative options to include your new SPS payment link.  Its easy and only takes a few minutes to complete. SPS makes the transition from manually processing mailed in or in person payments to an automated payment system that is simple, secure, and PCI compliant.

Once the payer clicks on the link, they will be presented your custom branded payment page that contains your business information and logo.  The payer selects either credit card or ACH as the payment option and completes the payment form.  SPS immediately processes the transaction and directs the settlement to your selected settlement account.  Once the payment is complete, an email is generated to the payer as well as your business as a receipt.  It couldn't be more simple,.



SPS' Secure Payment Page provides your  customer a simple transition from manually writing mailed in checks or in person payments to a fully automated online payment system that is simple, safe and PCI compliant. 

Your custom branded and secured payment page delivers a simple, secure bill payment solution and supports both credit card ACH.  By design, its flexibility can support a simple link on a merchant’s invoice, a SMS reminder that their payment is due, an integrated solution with your accounting software or numerous special solutions for complex payment problems. While a simple presentation to the customer, the Secure Payment Page is the foundation for all the online payment options. 

Please review all the feature and benefits of EZPAYnow  in the product video at the top of this page.  SPS can also provide a sample of how your payment page can look!  All that is needed is a copy of your company logo which can be attached to the request form on this page.



The Secure Billing File option delivers a branded online payment page with the customer's invoice information being pre-populated.  The page reflects the Billers branding and colors to provide confidence to the customer that the payment is being securely applied.

The process for including billing data and processing the payment for the presented invoice includes:  

  • Merchant/Biller transmits the daily billing file to SPS via a secure FTP connection
  • SPS uploads the billing data to the SPS system
  • Customers access the billing system and enter basic information  such as invoice number or name to search for their bill
  • Customer selects the bill they want to pay
  • The payment page is prepopulated with the customer's billing detail based on the information from the billing file 
  • The customer reviews and enters their payment information
  • SPS notifies the customer and the merchant of payment
  • SPS settles to the designated merchant settlement account


SPS makes the process simple, seamless, and efficient.



The Secure Payment API (application-programming interface) provides the ultimate integrated solution.  It allows a biller to utilize their branding, website, and infrastructure with a totally transparent and  secure payment module. The API populates the billing information for each transaction in real-time combined with SPS’s security for a positive user experience.

SPS provides technical assistance for the implementation which can usually be accomplished in less than a week.




From large business integration to small business QuickBooks support and at very competitive rates, SPS has a solution that will fit your billing systems needs.  Contact us now or call 844-430-1281 to learn more and lower the cost of payment acceptance to put more profit back in your business!





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