Welcome to Secure Payment Systems ("SPS"), a unique payment processing and information services company that specializes in the needs of small and midsize retailers and service providers. Founded in 1996, Las Vegas based Secure Payment Systems provides payment processing solutions to over 10,000 retail, wholesale, and corporate endpoints across North America.

SPS facilitates the transfer of value by providing businesses with a full range of transaction processing, reporting, and risk management tools so they may quickly and confidently accept payments, pay vendors, or transfer funds at the POS or on the WEB. These solutions include but are not limited to custom "closed loop" gift and rewards card programs driven by proprietary processing solutions as well as:



A deferred payment program allowing consumers to stretch retail purchases up to 12 months.



Secure Payment Systems is helping business change the way it operates - implementing enhanced fraud detection algorithms, focusing on new customer marketing strategies, maximizing untapped opportunity, protecting profits and increasing revenue and market share. The end result is a window of opportunity that opens up new sales and profits for your business.