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Much to everyone’s surprise, paper checks are alive and well. In the U.S, we still processed 19.4 billion paper checks in 2017 for a total of $23.3 Trillion dollars. But managing the risk associated with point of sale (“POS”) check acceptance and the cost of physical deposits can be time consuming and expensive. SPS can help reduce your risk and processing costs associated with these payments through several SPS solutions including verification, guarantee, check conversion, and remote deposit.

Check Verification and Guarantee

Using a point of sale (“POS”) terminal or an integrated POS system, SPS can review and underwrite check payments in real time reducing or eliminating any bad check expense and provide peace of mind in accepting checks.  Your sales associate enters the customer's driver's license information into the point-of-sale credit card terminal and/or slides the check through a check reader to capture the bank account data. In less than one second, SPS authorizes the check from its database of millions of records, accessing both local and national negative files of unpaid checks.  SPS has access to over 70% of all U.S. bank accounts in this process to significantly reduce any risk associated with accepting the check as payment!. SPS offers this product as a verification only where the merchant assumes risk of any returned item, or fully guaranteed where SPS assumes 100% of the liability if the item is returned. The set-up process is quick and easy with the full support of SPS technical support team assisting in the process.

Check Conversion

The process for check conversion leverages the same databases for verification and guarantee but also converts the check to an electronic ACH payment. Check items are scanned via a POS device and the electronic information is sent to SPS for risk management review, conversion to an electronic payment, and settlement directly to the merchant’s bank account in as little as three business days.  SPS can also assume all the risk associated with these transactions, if requested. No more deposits or trips to the bank.  And the process is safe, convenient, protects consumer’s privacy, and best of all is cost effective.

expresscheck21 Back Office Conversion

Banks, with the help of the Check 21 laws passed in 2004, have reduced their costs significantly by processing images (IRDs-image replacement documents), which have the same legal status as a paper check. Business checks present a problem for in person or mailed in payments because they cannot be processed via ACH. Companies accepting paper checks can still control their deposit/accounting costs and increase the availability of funds with Check 21 for all check payment, including business checks. In person bill payment, particularly for government payments, are generally a mix of business and consumer checks, which can all be deposited as images.

Secure Payment Systems can reduce your cost associated with these payments and provide funding the next business day either by a direct integration or via our web-based solution, expresscheck21. Checks are simply scanned in the back office via an imager connected to a PC.  The items are the electronically prepared in the same manner as bank to bank settlements.  The items are converted to an image transaction and settle directly to the merchant’s bank account eliminating manual bank deposit, time, and effort.



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expresscheck21 is a hybrid, "patent pending" web-based ARC / Check 21 solution that processes   and deposits all types of paper items into electronic transactions or substitute checks.

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