Consumer Financing - EZPAY Advantage®

Consumer Financing For The Retail and Healthcare Markets

EZPAY Advantage® is a deferred payment program offered by Secure Payment Services ("SPS") that allows customers and patients to extend their payments for goods or services over 3, 6, or 12, months utilizing their bank issued debit card.   

SPS GUARANTEES the transaction and upon approval settles the funds to the merchant’s bank account in three business days.  And by utilizing proprietary risk management tools, SPS can approve a majority of transactions - including customers who have less than perfect credit or credit scores as low as 525.


Retail Products & Service


Vet and Dental Practices



EZPAY Advantage processing is accomplished through a real-time, easy to use interface via a web enabled device such as a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. As a hosted solution, EZPAY requires no integration and the transaction can be completed in just minutes.  For larger businesses, processing platforms, and e-commerce, SPS can provide an Application Programming Interface (“API”) for direct host to host processing to our fully redundant authorization systems. 

Why Business Need EZPAY Advantage?

EZPAY Advantage answers a critical need in business.  Being able to help a business or practice complete a transaction with a consumer or patient that can’t afford to pay the bill at the time of service or the final amount due.  Many individuals are very willing to complete the transaction, but poor credit or no credit prevents them from doing so. 

This is where EZPAY Advantage comes in.  It bridges the gap of the business being paid and the consumer being able to complete the transaction.

EZPAY Advantage® for Retail - Increase Your Sales

Whether it's a new appliance, a room of furniture, a new computer, a home repair, or some other unexpected or expensive product or service like a car repair, many consumers simply cannot afford these purchases or fail to qualify for "A" credit option being offered by the retailer.  EZPAY Advantage helps those consumers who have less than perfect credit and can approve their product for purchase even for those who have credit scores as low as 525.  Consumers can then stretch their payments over time on a payment they can afford.
In 2010, SPS led the industry by offering an automotive repair financing solution to dealers and auto repair facilities for their customers who could not afford the unexpected cost of repair.  In 2020, our commitment to this industry segment remains as EZPAY Advantage is now available with real time approvals, being offered in seconds, with customers needing only a debit card to extend their payments.  The application process is simple, fast, requires no integration to point of sale equipment, and the customer can extend their payments over a 3, 6, or 12 months term. The retailer is funded in full in three business days and SPS assumes all liability of the customer's payments.
SPS supports a variety of industries across a broad spectrum of products and services.  To learn more and how SPS can help your business achieve more sales,  click here.

EZPAY Advantage® for Healthcare - Increase Cash Flow and Help Patients

Provide your patient with the ability to pay over time.  Most patients want to pay their bills but the high cost of medical procedures, deductibles, and final disposition payments can be challenging.  And given the high write-off's experienced in this market, the practice needs to smooth out cash flow and recover payments as fast as possible.  
EZPAY Advantage gives medical practices, veterinarians, dentist, and enterprise revenue cycle management systems the ability to incorporate a payment option that meets not only meets the needs of the practice but the patient as well.  Whether it is payment at the time of service or a final disposition of services, EZPAY Advantage can help!
Help your patients who cannot afford medical services due to having low credit or no credit and who are not approved by other financing products.  By providing EZPAY Advantage as a primary or secondary financing option or same as cash deferred payments, you not only increase your practice's cash flow by receiving payments in upfront, but it also creates increased goodwill from the patents by supporting them in a time of need.
To learn how EZPAY Advantage can be integrated into your practice's payment system, click here.
EZPAY Advantage® for Veterinarian and Dental Practices
Being able to provide a "time of service" financing option for patients that cannot afford unexpected dental or pet procedures is a critical payment option for these practices.  This not only to helps a dental patient afford a potentially necessary procedure, but also helps pet owners during a critical time of need.  Even though financing options have been available in the past, the high rates of declines and fees have made these options out of reach for many consumers.  SPS not only has the highest application approval rates in the industry but also created "same as cash" options which creates significant goodwill with your patients.
To learn ow you can assist your patients pay for unexpected medical procedures, click here.

EZPAY Advantage® for e-Commerce - Offer Financing In Your Shopping Cart

Internet shopping is exploding with estimates that $604 billion will be spent in on-line stores in 2020 and that is expected to grow to $740 billion by the end of 2023.  The ability to easily choose and purchase products from the comfort of your home on a PC, tablet, or mobile device make the process easy, quick, and even fun.  But does your business support all the payment options a customer may want to use?  Do you provide financing? 
EZPAY Advantage supports on-line shopping giving your customer the flexibility of being able to finance the purchase over time. And our proprietary risk management engine can approve most people, event those with less than perfect credit or credit scores as low as 525.  EZPAY Advantage can be used as a sole financing platform but can also be provided via multi-lender platform systems that has integrated with SPS.  Both options increase your sales and allow you to meet the increasing demand for payment over time options.
To learn how to integrate EZPAY Advantage into your on-line payment option, click here.

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