EZPAY Advantage® For The Healthcare Industry


EZPAY Advantage® for The Healthcare Industry


What is the EZPAY Advantage®?

Does you practice have issues with unpaid post procedure patient balances that are difficult and expensive to collect?  Are you turning away patients at the time of service due to their inability to pay small procedure costs or deductibles?  EZPAY Advantage® for Healthcare can help.
EZPAY Advantage® is a deferred payment program offered by Secure Payment Systems ("SPS") that allows patients to finance healthcare payments  over 3, 6, or 12 months utilizing their bank issued debit card.  
Healthcare providers can now confidentially accept patients who in the past may have not been able to afford a procedure or complete the final payments. SPS assumes all payment liability, there is no recourse for the practice, and the balance is funded in three business days significantly increasing cash flow.
EZPAY Advantage® for the healthcare industry is an interest free financing program that allows patients, even those with less than perfect credit, to pay for pre or post procedure charges over time. The application can be completed in a matter     of  minutes using a secure and confidential web application.
With EZPAY Advantage®, practices can now accommodate patients who struggle with these charges and do not qualify for traditional financing programs.

Healthcare Markets We Serve

  • Independent Group Practices
  • Regional And National Hospital And Healthcare Systems
  • Specialty Health Group Practices
  • Urgent Care, Ambulatory Surgical Centers/Out-Patient Care
  • Ambulance Services
  • Practice Management Organizations
  • Dental Practices 
  • Veterinarian Practices


Patient Financing - A Case Study

Navigating the multitude of patient financing options in the healthcare industry can be challenging for any practice.  Which provider to use, which program to implement, how reimbursements are provided, impact to overall revenue and expenses, patient approval rates and goodwill are all valid questions.  

To provide clarity, SPS has sponsored "Healthcare Patient Financing Solution: A Case Study" which addresses the questions and provides direction on the best practices. In the case of this study, the practice outlined specific objectives which SPS then used to create the solution.  The result was the implementation of EZPAY Advantage program which  generated an additional $571,000 in new incremental revenue.

For a summary of the study, please CLICK HERE The complete study is also available upon request via our Contact Us page.  


Enterprise-Wide Patient Financing Options for the Widest Range of Patient Credit Scores

Gone are the days when practices billed patients for their deductibles, coinsurance, and co-payments. Patients with the means to pay for such out-of-pocket expenses, usually do so by debit or credit card. When cash is tight, patients may turn to alternative financing, typically through healthcare credit-card products suited for patients with the best credit. If your practice is one of the lucky ones, with patients having a FICO™ score of 680 or better, that’s good news. But, what do you offer the other 40% to 65% of your patients when they present with less than perfect credit and are struggling to meet their out-of-pocket expenses?

If you are denying healthcare services to patients who don’t have the immediate cash to pay their deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses at “time of service” you may be doing a disservice to your organization, patients, and community.

100% upfront payment from your patients with 0% collection times. Ar you settling for anything less?

Using EZPAY Advantage® solves a major problem for Practices – Get the consumer payment before the patient becomes a receivable challenge.

There are viable financing alternatives to enable your practice to treat the patient and to get paid without the worry that the services you perform will end up in collections and ultimately result in a charge-off.

Our partners, in turn, interface with various practices and their hospital affiliates. We provide our lending products for pre-admissions, which we refer to as Time-of-Service (“TOS") and Final Billing. 
Dental and Veterinarian Practices

The dental and veterinarian industry has long offered patient financing in their payment options, especially for those who do not have dental or pet insurance.   The challenge has been low approval rates from the financing providers who typically only consider high credit individuals.  This creates low approval rates, patient dissatisfaction due to declines, and uncomfortable  situations for your office staff.

EZPAY Advantage® has an average approval rate of 65.2% but also considers individuals with credit scores as low as 525.  Other providers in the market typically do not even consider credit scores lower than 650.  Using our proprietary risk management system, EZPAY Advantage® approvals can significantly exceed results of other financing options.

Click here to learn more EZPAY Advantage for time of service payment solutions.


EZPAY Advantage® Time of Service Solutions ("TOS") 

In Patient Including Pre-Admissions / Intake:   Admissions determines an acceptable deposit based on the admissions “matrix” following triage or patient interview.  This is what SPS calls a “pre-auth approval” process. This is similar to a restaurant authorization where the approval can be for more than the charge, with a +25% open-to-buy, etc. It’s like a tip add feature.  

Out Patient, Ambulatory Surgical Care, Urgent Care TOS:  Following verification of coverage, a finite dollar amount is established for specific  deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance. This option is same-day and can be administered at TOS, either directly before service, or when the patient’s  account is settled post-treatment.
We all know how important cash flow is to healthcare organizations. These solutions allow  for pre-billing for miscellaneous charges, needed but not known if the carrier will reimburse. This is great! 
EZPAY Advantage® Final Bill, Post Procedure, Post Care and Following EOBs Solutions
Final bill, post procedure, post care, and following EOB final bill: SPS recommends the best placement for the financing offer  is after the first billing cycle and with the second bill prior to dunning. This is the most cost-effective placement.
Discharged but Not Final Bill: (“DNFB”): This is SPS's product offering for hospitals, interim, and long term care providers. Many hospitals deal with patients that need post-surgery, non-ambulatory, or ambulatory care and treatment. Often, hospitals and other long term care providers can’t get reimbursements scheduled through carriers prior to “final bill” and after EOB, because the patient is receiving ongoing care. 
When a patient needs to make an interim payment for things such as wound-vacs, LVADs, and other DME, etc, or, in the event services or care can’t be reimbursed from carriers until final bill. 
SPS Supports Revenue Cycle Management ("RCM") Systems 
For larger Practices who operate integrated RCM Systems and have a need for an integrated solution, SPS provides an Application Programming Interface (“API”) for direct host to host processing to our fully redundant authorization systems.  SPS’s technology staff will work with the system developers to provide assistance, answer questions on the API, coordinate testing, and certify the application is ready for deployment.
EZPAY Advantage and Partner Integrations

SPS is partnering with RCM system developers and integrated software vendors ("ISV") to complete the payment solutions for these systems.  The ability to offer no interest financing options that integrate seamlessly with these systems whether TOS payments of final invoice payments completes the payments puzzle.  SPS has revenue sharing options for developers and ISVs that not only enhance their product offering but also generates a new revenue stream for their business. SPS stands ready to discuss and build a business case that makes sense for the development efforts.

Whether you need a simple and ready to deploy financing tool or a fully integrated system, SPS is here to support your needs.  Contact us today to learn more!


Healthcare Patient Financing Solutions:  A Case Study


How Do You Determine which Healthcare Financing Solutions Are Right For Both Your Practice And Your Patients?


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