Gift Card Accessories

Gift Card Accessories

Wire Hanger Display

Approx Size: L 8" x W 5" x H 8"

Counter top wire hanger display rack

Gift Card Hanger/Holders

(5) Black, (6) Cream

Our number 5 and 6 hangers have been newly designed.
Hanger folds to become a holder for your gift card.


For use with a wire hanger display rack

Acrylic Displays

8" x 10", 5" x 7", or 10" x 8"

Counter top acrylic display rack

Tiered Card Holders

Approx Size: L 3.75" x W 4" x H 3.75"

Small counter top 4 tier acrylic card holder

Restaurant Folio Insert

7/8" x 8"

Insert into your restaurant folio and
gain spontaneous gift card sales

Flair Buttons

1/2" round

Advertise gift card availability with flair buttons

Table Tents, Window and Register Decals


Advertise services on tables, at the register, and in your store window.

Generic Gift Card Holders

Mouse over the holder images for an inside view.

Holder Style 1

Holder Style 2

Holder Style 3

Holder Style 4

Holder Style 8

Holder Style 9


Holder Style 10

Holder Style 11

Holder Style 12

Holder Style 13

Holder Style 14

Holder Style 15

Holder Style 16

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